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We are committed to providing one-on-one proven learning programs to help students of any ability. They will learn the skills they need to attain an excellent education and achieve their fullest potential.

Our programs work

+ All teaching is done one-to-one.

+ All materials and methods we use have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective teaching tools.

+ Subject material is taught to mastery.

+ Data are collected in every session

+ Regular testing is done to track academic progress


The North Durham Precision Learning Centre Approach

Our approach is based on what needs to be done to remedy the knowledge of the student. This approach leads to a more productive “how to” approach. We concentrate on “how to” teach the necessary components and composite skills. We use a unique combination of Direct Instruction programs and Precision Teaching techniques.


How to get started

Contact us to arrange for a meeting with you and your child. This meeting will provide the opportunity for us to get to know your child better and to address the concerns you have for your child’s learning. We can show you the programs we know will help and arrange for a schedule with our staff.

Give us a call:



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